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Colyford is a village on the A3052 Lyme Regis to Exeter road, situated mid-way between Lyme Regis and Sidmouth. Seaton is 2km. away on the coast and Colyton 1km. further inland. Colyford was formerly an Ancient Borough of long-standing and still elects a Mayor. Colyford is a linear village, and on the current Ordnance Survey maps it is still possible to make out the original narrow burgage plots running back from the main road.

There is a strong sense of community within the village and the social scene is centred on the Memorial Hall. Much village effort is put into the annual Michaelmas Goose Fayre, held on Springfields on the south side of the village. Villagers and friends dress in medieval costume, with mummers and medieval music, as they follow the Mayor and his Lady, under a balderchin, as they process along the main road to the fayre ground.

Colyford has a chapel-of-ease, dedicated to St. Michael and All Angels, also a village Post Office, a Butchers, and two Pubs, the Wheelwright and the White Hart. Unfortunately we recently lost the service of our village Filling Station.

Another of the attractions of the village is the Tramway that runs along the discontinued railway branch line from Seaton to Colyton.
Very popular with tourists, the Tramway runs a regular service from Spring to Autumn.

More information can be found on the Tramway website.

It is generally agreed that Colyford is a very friendly and agreeable place to live and visit.

If you require further information about Colyford or any of the events staged by the village then please e-mail:-

The Old Manor 1976.

Mayor's Report November 2015


I would like to thank everyone for their support of me as Mayor for my three year term which finishes this evening. My wife Anne and I have enjoyed the three years, but have always been very busy dealing with the affairs of Colyford, but we are hearing rumblings of discontent within the village, so we therefore think that it is time to hand over to a successor.

We all thought that the fight over the Seaton/Colyford Green Wedge was over and done in our favour after a lot of hard work and expense from the Burgesses. How wrong we were, now that we are fighting yet another Planning Application from the same developer. Will he never give up! It is now up to our new Mayor to carry on and fight on Colyford’s behalf, together with the residents of Seaton!!

The Stop Line Way Cycle route between Popes Lane, Colyford and Seaton Cemetery is now finished and open, but this does nothing to provide a safe cycle/pedestrian route to Seaton for adults and children. Nothing at all is happening on the Burgesses section from Popes Lane to the A3052 via the Tramway. Devon County Council state that this can only be negotiated with the Colyford Burgesses, but they do not have the funds at the moment, so this will be another project for our new Mayor. I sincerely hope that he or she has more success!

The village is now faced with maintaining the grass verges, gardens, and Gateways at our expense now that Devon County Council have announced officially that work in these areas has now ceased as part of their cost cutting measures. The Borough now has over £1,000 already on hand from the Goose Fayre and Devon Country Council for the work due to start in 2016, and hopefully a further donation will come from this year’s Goose Fayre funds. It has to be decided whether we hire a contractor or the village does the work itself.

The young children’s playground up Whitwell Lane, will hopefully become a reality in the next year or so, thanks to the generous gesture from Colin and Val Pady.

I would like to thank John Mills our Clerk, Jill Badley our Treasurer and my wife Anne who has edited the Village Newsletter for three years, organised the Mayor's dinners and Beating the Bounds teas, without her I would have been lost!

Many thanks to the Burgesses and Officers for their support over this year. Thanks also to Tammy Norcott and her band of helpers who organised the Children's Christmas Party. Sadly Tammy has stood down for this year after quite a long period in charge.Fortunately Roisin Turley has offered to take over this year and hopefully, for a few years ahead.

The Mayor's Dinner took place in March with a slightly reduced attendance due to holidays etc., but it was enjoyed by all present. Our special guests were Dave and Pat Chubb, who have done so much for Colyford over the years.

The weather for this year's Goose Fayre was magnificent with a bumper attendance and a full car park. Many thanks to all those who set up and took down the field, to my team of four ladies, who made arrangements for stallholders, side shows, displays etc., and to Dave Thomas and Tim Wheeler, our Vice Chairman who took on all the difficult jobs!

The Beating of the Bounds Walk was again well supported, despite threatening weather, which behaved itself just before the walk commenced.

Anne will continue with the village Round Robin Emails, but these will only be used to keep you informed on Planning issues or major happenings in the area. It is not a Newsletter to advertise events. (What's On events should be placed on the Village Website}.

Finally it has been a great pleasure for us to serve as Mayor and Mayoress for the last three years, and thank you to all of those who help make Colyford a very special place to live and enjoy.

Holyford Woods website : (for information)

Seaton and Colyford Wetlands: (for information)

Colyford ‘Round Robin’ I am sure that many of you are aware that Anne
West sends out a Colyford ‘Round Robin’ email, which in future will only be used for emergencies
and matters that affect the whole village eg. Green Wedge; Neighbourhood Plan; Stop Line Way, and any other major issues. At
present this is emailed to over 120 email addresses, and is sent using BCC so
no-one else knows your email address. Anne will continue doing this when
the situation warrants it! If you would like your email address added,
please contact Anne West 551375

SPEEDWATCH Update The Community Speed Watch Team has recorded over 320 vehicles speeding
in our village with a shameful top speed of 55MPH in the 30MPH limit being
recorded on more than one occasion. (top speed is now 57MPH)
Until drivers get the message to SLOW DOWN, and that the residents of
Colyford are not prepared to tolerate motorists who disregard the speed
limit, and the safety of others. A Community Speed Watch Team will
continue to operate regularly in the village at varied times, and possibly new
locations in the village.

All Colyford residents can help by spreading the word that Colyford has zero
tolerance of motorists who continue to flaunt the speed limit.  In addition
local residents who drive, can play an important part by driving within the
speed limit, encouraging other drivers
to follow suit, and deter those drivers who may otherwise exceed the speed limit.

  As well as making our community safer for residents by slowing down the
traffic, we are also giving local wildlife and their young a fighting chance to
cross our village roads on their hazardous journey to the nature reserve,
(ducks & ducklings).  Adhering to the speed limit makes it easier to slow
down and stop allowing wildlife to cross our roads safely.
 Please contact 551208 or 553211 if you wish to learn more, and remember
any anti-social driving you witness can be reported by using the 101
number giving the reference: EN/ 011469/15.

ST.MICHAELS AND FOSM: Our Open Gardens weekend was very
successful and enjoyed by visitors who came from near and far, thanks to all
who helped in so many ways. Now we look forward to the usual Autumn
programme with the Goose Fayre Service at 6.30pm on Sunday 27th September,
Harvest Festival followed by tea in CMH on Sunday 11th October (3.30pm – 6.30pm)
and our Christmas Fayre with Lunch on Saturday 28th November (10.00am – 2.00pm)
Friends of St Michael’s continue to play host to their very well attended
Café and Lunch sessions, on 16th September; 21st October and 18th November
(all from 10.00am – 2.00pm) please look out for posters. Noah’s Ark will be
re-starting on 3rd September and will be open every fortnight (except half
term week) until the Christmas Party on 10th December.

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