Colyford Village and the Colyford Buses


Buses through Colyford

An 885 bus in Seaton
The centre of the village of Colyford is served by three bus routes.

The 885 which runs approximately once an hour from Beer, then on to Seaton, Colyford, Colyton, Whitford, Musbury and finally on to Axminster, and then returns to provide an hourly service in the opposite direction, the number 20 which runs four times a day from Seaton through Colyford, on to Honiton and then beyond to Taunton and the X30 which runs 3 times a day to Exeter via Colyton, Shute and Honiton.

Getting a bus from Colyford

(There is also a service 899 but this is basically a school service early morning and at around 4 pm and has not been included here, at other times it runs Seaton to Sidmouth (see below))

There are NO buses through Colyford on a Sunday and the 885 and X30 do not run on Sundays AND Bank Holidays (which includes Good Friday).

The X30 does not run on a Saturday, the 885 does run on a Saturday.

The 885 Bus route through Colyford

The timetable for this bus route is such that it should arrive at Axminster station to drop passengers off there in time to get the trains both up towards London and in the opposite direction towards Exeter. These trains both depart just after the hour mark and the bus arrives about 10 minutes to the hour. The bus then returns to the station about 15 minutes past the hour to make the return trip to Seaton and so picks up those that have alighted from the trains.

STOP PRESS 2023: Whilst the service is basically hourly on a SATURDAY a number of buses do not run meaning it is more or less a two hourly service on a Saturday

Most services  start at Beer (but not all, and not all from the same stop in Beer).

There are a few anomalies and it should be stressed there are no buses on Sundays or Bank Holidays (inc. Good Friday) so best check the timetable.

The 20 bus route through Colyford

This bus starts out in Seaton and leaves the village of Colyford just after 9 am each day and then again just after noon, 3 pm and 5 pm. It takes a little over half an hour to reach Honiton (Via Colyton) but the full journey to Taunton via Dunkerswell takes around 2 hours. 

The 5pm bus does not go all the way to Taunton and equally the last return to make the full journey leaves Taunton at around 14.15 but you can get a bus back to Colyford from Honiton at around 15.30.

See the service timetable

The X30 bus route through Colyford

This bus starts out in Seaton and leaves the village of Colyford just after 7 am each day and then again at just after 10 am and again just before 3.30 pm. 

If goes to Colyton and Honiton before ending in Exeter. 

Runs Monday - Friday only - no buses at at all on weekends and Bank Holidays

Full details in the link below

Buses from Colyford

Other bus timetables that may interest you (Some links will download as a PDF)

From Seaton there is a service 9A (It used to run on to Lyme Regis but that stopped in 2021) between Seaton, Sidmouth and Exeter.

There is also a service that runs once a day (
Service 52) from Seaton via Beer and on to Exeter via Exeter Hospital. It is handy if you only want to spend a couple of hours in Exeter or at the hospital as it is quicker than the 9A as it does not go via Sidmouth. 

There is also an 
899 bus service that goes from Seaton to Sidmouth via Branscombe. This is a most "entertaining" journey as the roads through Branscombe are VERY narrow. The 899 to Sidmouth is timed to make a connection at Seaton with the 885 going TO Sidmouth with a short wait, the return has a longer wait to allow for possible hold-ups on the narrow lanes around Branscombe. Change at Seaton Marine Place (by the roundabout near the seafront).

To get to Lyme Regis you need to get the 378 bus (Link takes to to what is likely to be the correct timetable, but they change between summer and winter) from Seaton. 


It should be noted that the 9A also leaves from Colyford on Harepath Road (actually strictly speaking this is Seaton) . From the centre of Colyford the walk to this location is initially uphill and around 1,100 yards along the A3052. A fair proportion of the A3052 at this point is narrow and has no pavement. Although the travel web sites say this is Colyford really it is the very outskirts of Seaton. 


(For the time being all trips ar capped at £2 maximum and these will increase in November 2023 to £2.50 until November 2024). Short journeys locally may be LESS than this. 

Old information below!!

It is always cheaper to buy a return ticket if you are going "there and back". If going from Colyford to Sidmouth a "Day Rider" ticket may be cheaper for the 885 and 899 combined (this ticket does not extend to the 52 service).

If you make regular but infrequent ONE WAY trips then for the 899 and 885 services you can buy a carnet of 12 tickets in advance saving around 1/3 of the normal fare as long as it is to and from the same points. BUT if you are going there and back in the same DAY then a day-return works out cheaper. 


Best check the fares on this page

Note:All information on here is offered in good faith and was correct at the time of writing. You are strongly advised to check any times and timetables mentioned and linked to are up to date. It should be noted that any tickets bought for the 899, 885 and 52 are NOT valid on the 9A and 20 and vice versa with the exception of the Devon Day Rover.